How to get new auto updates for Elegant Calendar

Elegant Calendar Settings Menu

After you have installed and activated Elegant Calendar you will see the Elegant menu item on the left side menu panel in wordpress admin page. Elegant Calendar Settings page has all the settings you will need to customize the Elegant calendar.

Dashboard Tab

Here you will see the plugin overview, include the guide to add your first event, show the calendar on your site using shortcode generator. 

Events Tabs

This section will list all you already added events, with the actions you can delete, publish events, and the features that filter and sort the events by date, and search events by name.

Add Event Tab

Here is the event editor with every single events details data, include general information, date & time, location & venue, organizer, event color, event type and event image.

Event Location Tab

Here you can manage elegant_event_location taxonomy.

Event Organizer Tab

Here you can manage elegant_event_organizer taxonomy.

Event Type Tab

Here you can manage elegant_event_organizer taxonomy.

Settings Tab

Here you can configure the behavior of the calendar and appearance changes.

Licenses Tab

Here you can manage your purchased licenses

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